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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 28, 2017 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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my kimmel live" red ecial! tonight, bono, president barack obama, kristen bell, bryan cranston, ashton kutcher, dj khaled, s, and now, first and foremost, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you very much. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us apecial night. this is our annual benefit show for red world aids day is friday. and once again we one bono you know the band. [ cheers and applause ] to raise money and awareness for the fight against aids. cyst yep belld.j. rita ashtonkutcher,n
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"diddy" colmes ire. it is like the justice league. all we're missing is the guy who can talk to fish. so tonight we'll do our bestan end to aids. how is that for a tv show? as of red has raised hundreds of that's to fight that's a you could o buy oprah's favorite things with hundred of dollars. bank of america is the official t provider of the red shopathon. they m a $20 million o fight aids. and the bill melinda foundation is matching every dollar we raisetonight.right. thateans that we've really we very deep together we cankrupt the bill and melinda also, you can s to win a once in a lifetime experience with a through the website and these are things you can wichblt last julia roberts had tea with a winner. kneel patrick harris and david took someone to a broadway show. looks excited there
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in malibu.ube granted their winner a concert for t vancouver, which is awesome. and great prize this is year too. they're all on the website. one of the prizes charlis he theron sk your witherspoo many great experiences. go to the only will stop aids if you win one o you will get more likes on instagram from the selfies than you probabl had in your life befo there's another you can help too. and this is do all the holiday shopping with they've raised million which is almost $100 but not [ cheers and the course of the next ho your holida shopping done. and then tomorrow y say i'll done with my holiday shopping and everyone you know will hate you. who is ready shop impu mother's c card. let's do this. my -- where's my sweater?e ] well this is the home shopping
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ion of our show.nd thank you for tuning in all the way to channel 915 for our third annual red shopathon. this is your chance to go good and buy good! am i right, guil >> yous our products where t products are? my goodness! lookis! it's kristen bell! [ applause ] >> sorry i'm late. i hope you didn't start fighting a.i.d.s. without me! >> gorgeous suitcase. what do you call this color? >> red. red. >> jimmy: that is wilds is the raden red a22 carry-on. >> jimmy: that must cost what? >> 30,000? >> guess >> jimmy: more? >> the opposit-on bag from raden is only $295. >> jimmy: that's less than 300! >> you are abon love with over again. and wait until you see what we have inside.
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>> jimmy: hey gang, do you want to see what's on the inside? [ cheers ] holy jesus, born on christmas day! why, this is the perfect holiday. lets get started. i'm itching like i've got syph this is an item i know you will the beats pill+. >> oh my stars, i am not >> jimmy: oh kristen, this pill is not for your mouth. re s >> jimmy: the beats pill+ is a portable speaker. it's only $179.95. you can listen to whatever you like, rock, rap or my fd part of every purchase goes to benefit red's fight against a.i.d.s. >> a pill that fights i've seen it all. well, thanks for watchin >> jimmy: kristen, we actually have a lot mto -- >> has it not been an hour already? >> jimlose. >> oh, darn. i wanted to get right to my local radio shack to buy that speaker. >> jimmy: kristen, radio shack died years ago.what? >> jimmy: this year redined >> amazon. >> jimmy: really? well, butter my butt and cal a biscuit!
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from now through the end of december, shoppers can buy over 15 or via thazon app. do i hear -- oh, my goodness!se ] wow bryan, you smell great. >> thanks jimmy. that's because i'm using the red showered essentials kit from baxter of california. it includes shampoo, body wash, face wash and deodorant. >> jimmy: i wish you guys at home could smell bryan cranston w. kristen, get over here and smell bryan cranston. >> bryan, you smell delicious! i smell i did good baxter of california gives a piece of every purchase to red. >> jimmy
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would you mind handing me my al fleece robe? >> i would lrobe! since you're here and you're alreadyu m stay and host the rest of the show with us. and applause ] that's awfullydo. see, bryan heo fight aids the old-fashioned way. >> jimmy: howthat? >> byng over. >> jimmy: isn'to it?erybody! will you look at him go >> so talented. he's even c ari grande. >> jimmy: i don't know about that red vespa 946 scooter and matching vespa helmet. all part of the red >> hey jimbo, you know what thati do indeans it's time to get serious! desk.
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thisem is a doozie. kristen, have you ever heard of dna? >> of course. i've had it for years.well, thisity to share your dna with the world. it's a health and ancestry service kit from 23andme. learn all about your own family history using your spit.learn your family histit on your uncle maile he whispered in your ear. >> jthat's w >> jimmy: uncle ma maurice has passed away, righ immy: good. because now all you need i >> i>> jimmy: en bell really is. because the results, kristen. and you are -- my goo 100% mexican! >> i am? >> that's confusing to everyone! >> s muy confundido. for a second there, i wasn't sure if my co-host is our next item is not only tical too. a reart cover for
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>> you know, apple has contributemillion dollars through the sale of red products to the fight aga >> jimmy: apple e company or the fruit? >> i don't know. com dot t com. >> jimmy: wait, is thehere ss special edition red echo.ou something. every home should have one of these. tell us about this krien. >> it slices, it dices, milk comes out of it and best of all, it's a chair! >> jimmy: are true. anything, call anyone, answer stupid questions, check your control your lights.'t need a husband anymore. >> jimmy: you real no one will ever ever again. from every purchase goes to support red's fight a.i.d.s through the global fund. >>hase.issy b. we're al of time and we hmore red products to show! wh i've got it under control. as you can see, illermo is wearing the specialsolo3 wirelessones on his on his wrist you can see the
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beaded love bracelet by, the alexand cute. >> jimmy: he's cute! and he's wearing a shirt from balr. reversible belt. on his adorable feet, a pair of nobull fire camo trainers. and he's staying dry under a blunt red metro umbrella. get guillermo, or you're fired! [ cheers and applause ]nd i'm skateboard deck by girl skateboards. >> guillermo, it's part is, i bought everything with jimmy's credit card. >> and studred amazon echo to take home!plause ] >> jimmy: now hold say everyone should have one! >> jimmy: webe right back with bono and a special appearanent obama.
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hey, jimmy, i'll going to kick your for charity and pe will pay to see happen. it is going to happen of as you on the! oh actually enterin at charlize. but i really hope it's you. come on! >> welcome back to oured shopathon.ecial celebrity guest stylist are you doing here?l kristen, it's time for a surprise audience makeover!o wants a makeover today?, how about you right there? glassegoatee black shi oh! well na >> my name is woody. have you ever had a surprise tv magic show. this is cool. >> well, i've never given a makeover before! i have no idea what i'm doing! i hope you're insured.ile rita goes to wor about the e'll be using applying the ahc b5 soother, with kiko trainer for your eyes. from there, she'll be using ream e
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clean it zero cream from 100% puretics company. and she'll finish you off with ink we're ready for the big reveal! how did we do?a! >> wow! what a trans do you want to see the results?it? can i see it? >> what do you t >> oh my god. i'm a monster!what did you do to mu're welcome! >> i look ridiculous. >> well if i to all the product ed on you helped fight aids case, i look great! >> you're right. was an ugly face. the man behind much of this good work is a grammy award-winniatinum music legend whng others. he is on members of u2. pl welcome the co-fo use ]
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>> jimmy: please a seat, bono. thank you for being here with us. this is our third yearshopathon. what besidesnude, what is different about thisyear? >> i t great progress the disease million people would be alive withoutdrugs. and if i could be sbold i share something in common.which is normally two incompatible them. red, we want to change the world and want to have fun. at the same time jimmy: yes. in a positive way. i'm talking about this as great progress and it is great progress.still there are babies born today who need not be born withhe virus, that it was giveny their mother in utero. we know how to stop this and we're going to stop it. by 2020 if we keep going. and we really believe we can do it. bu key is -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's amazing. every day, 400 babies are born
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with hiv and you think that stop that. in justyears. >> amoment. just ase're at this pivotal fighting the disease and winning, people in places talking about budget cuts that would cost lives, and not just the lunatic that you have in -- [ cheers and applause ] but around the world, to be hat's interesting is you ow not just companies, we companies, apple, who are working, i mentioned bill gates and the gates foundation. they're working together. steve jobs was at the very beginning of this. and helped us design red. they'rerivals right? >> jimmy: yeah. >> but you have democrats and repu close together to save those 21 million lives. and america should be really proud.immy: excuse me, i have to take this call. what's that? for real? wow. thank you. i just got a very exciting call
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from atlanta. if you enter to win one of our many celebrity omaze experiences right now, coca-cola, one of the great partners that supports ar you to right now. and coke will double the amo of good you do. see, that's an example right there. >> coke adds life i guess. >> jimmy: saves lives. thank and if that doesn't convince you to help, maybe this guy can. ladies and gentlemen, president barack obama. >> hi everybody. this world aids day everybody has a part to play. kimmel is an activist. bono is not just a musician. he is ring master of the home shopping extravaganza. and me? i'm not just a former president. i am a husband who hasn't done his christmas shopping yet. is making my part easy. i know we live at a time when cable news and our twitter feeds can make it feel like cynicism
11:53 pm
is everywhere but when it comes to the fight against hiv aids, there's some genuinely good share. for the first history, more than hal people living with the virus life savingmedication. since the peak of the virus, aids-related deaths have been ore than 20 million people around the world are on anti-retro viral drugs that make it possible to live work children. like a miracle but it is not the result of mysterious forces or chance. it happened becausele working for years, chose to make progress. some deployed great wealth and some democrats and republicans alike, held public office. but far more were simply citizens. organizers activists, doctors and nurses scientists, and above all, courageous people living with hiv who led the fight to spare others the anguish of this disease. that's how progress s. when we reject cynicism and
11:54 pm
pessimnd howevery the fight, each of us can make a that's what i believe. that's i'm here tonight. and asking to us. if you do you can pilot air force one for a day. >> you can't c do that anymore? >> no. >> if you share our files of >> you can't do that. >> no? we can't do that ? but i have them. they're in my desk right >> classified. >> all right. fine. sorry, jimmy, you can't see those.est of you watching help us end thisand for all. yo us winhis fight. you can help us change lives and and hopeful so let'swork. thank you so much. >> jimmy: thanks to president obama. when we come back, bono will guest.will it be? find out next. what's your name? fat amy. she has no underwear on.
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>> welcome back to our third annual red shopathon, your chance to buy all your gifts and help stop a.i.d.s in one convenient place. there's still time to take advantage of these amazing deals. hey, why don't we take a call? are you there, caller? >> what's up kristen! i'm outside. can i come in?hmmm, well for all i know he could be a murderer. but hey, why not? why, it's not a murderer. [ applause ]ught a little one! >> this is my son, asahd tuck my biggest >> hi, >> also my son, he's k cozy with his sponge bob dream
12:00 am
aden + anais. he's also wearing a spongebob anchor onesie. and another onesie -- and another onesie -- that's cloth talk. >> i love that. can i get a quick photo of you two? this is really, really cute. oh no. my phone is out of what am i gonna do? >> try this ie powpple and micro usb devices. >> wow, it's charging! just like you said it would! >> by the way i like your outfit. >> thank you very much! i'm going to take this picture. say "bless up." >> bless up! >> thank you dj khaled. you the best. >> we the best. >> back to you, jimmy! >> jimmy: thanks, kristen. and now, it's time to get serious. find the best blanket in your house, wrap your body in it and open youericanassic and an english classic. here with the song "one for my baby."
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please welcome bono and friends. [ applause ] there's no you and me ♪ ♪ so, set i got a little story i think you should know ♪ ♪ we're drinkin' my friend, to the end of a brief episode ♪ ♪ make it one
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my baby ♪ i got the routineanothe in♪ ♪ i'm feelin' so bad can't you make the easy and sad ♪ ♪ i could tell you a lot but you've got to be true to your code ♪ ♪ just make it one for my baby an ♪ you'd never knowa ♪ and i got a lot
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of things i'd like to say ♪hen i'm gloo won't you listen to me t n' anxious to close ♪ ♪ and thanks for n' your ear ♪♪ but this t's might for my baby and one more for the road ♪ >> sean penn, chris martin.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks to bono, our wizard from whitestone. coldplay's chris martin.ore surprises and holiday magic too.s] so i and .'s, baseball cards... set? and this wrestling ticket... which you still owe me for. se$25 i didn't even want to go. says it is $25 is nothi abracadabra, bro. the fast, secure and o send money.♪♪ ♪ you are a city city wall, city w
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welcome enefit we have many more surprises in store tonight. bono you are offeringomazeence. people can go to and they can enter for a do what with you and the band? >> you would have to be a real adrenaline junky. for people who like a bit of danger. we're offering up myself and the edge to playmini golf yes, you explain. our high made made when we that whatever els to us wherever we got in would neve
12:09 am
seriously. even mini we thought ourselves as >> jimmy: so yo e a oath for thehe benefi people. what a sacrifice you've made. one the idea for red. who was one owas on board with you immediately when red was >> bobby and his idea wanted to pickpocketpitalism. i have to the hop reall supportive. and sean and p diddy combs. i remember meeting him some years he said ohhe get the check people. he said that's a very hip hop concept. and i like that. it is not all kind of flowers in the ha it is a bit of punk rock hip hop. we're trying to do something different. >> jimmy: i'm glad you mentioned diddy and the check. diddy happens to be here tonight. [ cheers and applause ]
12:10 am
>> how are you? >> oh man! >> jimmy: what do you have there in your hands? the giant piece of cardboard. isn't this ] i know we're having a good time but this is history today. you're people wo others that can't take care of lves. that's tt in world for you to be people. and you did aot ofat things on the journey. the most important thing that did you was you check, baby. >> jimmy: that's a check for half a billion dollars! $500 now, this is amount of money that you've raised so far to fight aids. diddy, diddy is $5 million tonight. >> diddy got nervous. >> did you get the memo? it's not blue. >> i wanted to be festive.
12:11 am
>> jimmy: you are offering an amazing experience tone a to it. >> takecheck. >> i'll hold that foryou. you're offering as part of amazing experience. >> i'll offering two things. the first is to come and s with me and, on my new television show with fergie dj khaled and a new show on fox about singer in the world. that's one thing you get to do. and you get te selfies and have a good time. ond thing is i'm going change your name. oudiddy. the master of the name y is legally going to change someone's name. go to that will be a good one. don't go away. when we return we will assemble the red pack for an all star
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up? me, jack black. if you're wondering why i have
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this look on my it's because i'm bummed. jimmy called me up and dude please come down and sing ans you on the christmas for the red show. you have the an angel. you're the only dude for the job. you're t singer in the world. i wish i could be here but i'll here in lanta shooting a movie and i can't. so we're going with plan b. i know it's disappointing. but we bono. bono do me proud, buddy. 'em dead. >> jimmy: we can't have everybody. every special day needs a special song and world aids day is no different.d shopathon we wrote aon flowers of the killers that became an instant classic. and by popular demand, it's back and updated for 2017 as the red pack. ♪ the snow is blowin that son of a bitch inside it's glowin we're lucky we're rich ♪
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♪ we're nice and cozy jing jing jingle the bell d ♪ ♪ but we're going to hell ♪tinis from a silver cup ♪ balenciagais the seasonstock's doing swell ♪ ♪ but if we don't people with aids we'rin' to hell ♪ ♪ i've got new jet skis major keys a shiny brand new ip ♪ we've got hermes boots italian suits and a personal masseused sven ♪ ♪ we've got more gold than the toilets at the trump hotel ♪ ♪ but if we don't help people with aids we're going to hell ♪
12:18 am
>> hey guys, is it time for my pet solo yet? >> there wasn't a trumpet scheduled. >> yeah, let me try it. bryan. ♪ >> jimmy: bryan? bryan? >> yeah. >> jimmy: bryan, did you even practice that? >> nope! >> jimmy: why not? >> because i was too busy fighting aids!>> jimmy: hey that's the spirit! i can get behind that. oh, what's this? >> jimmy, is it time for my sousaphone solo? >> jimmy: did you practice? >> no i was with bryan, fighting aids. >> jimmy: how about we skip the horn solos and just the focus on singing? diddy? diddy? ♪ i eat caviar drive fancy cars
12:19 am
and charge them to my black card ♪ ♪ louis vuitton'scloset and oprah's ♪ ♪ my chef cs for me in my own bathtub ♪ ♪ and if you don't help now you will soon meet beelzebub ♪ ♪ i've got so much money e orange juice ♪ ♪ i've got faberge eggs beautiful legsplants in my caboose ♪ ♪ we all own mansions in countriesan't even spell ♪ ♪ but there's somet we're learning are turning ♪ ♪ if we just keep on earningning ♪ ♪ if we don't help people with aids we're going to hell ♪ ♪ ooh baby it's blowin but our pockets keep growing ♪
12:20 am
♪ if we don't helpith aids we're going to hell ♪ ♪ yeah if we don't help people with aids we're going to hell ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: amazing! i don't even know how to play a piano!
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♪ ultra soft! it's softer than ever. new charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent so you can use less. and it's softer than ever... so it's harder to resist. okay, this is getting a little weird. we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin?
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>> jimmy: that's our show. i'd like to thank kristen bell, bryan cranston, dj khaled, rita wilson, ashton kutcher, sean , sean diddy c mart obama, bono and most of all, those of you who bought red products and went to to bid thank yoogies to matt damon who only cares about himself.htline" is next. good night, everybody. tonight on "nightline" -- inside theng arctic circle where the elusive polar bear is for al. >> the world should be interested. environment disappears beneath their feet
12:23 am
these powerful killers are moving inland toward human is that the most frightened you've ever been in your >> yes. >> our amy robach on a journey to the edge of therth. with the americans who call it >> firearms just in case? >> and the scientists racing to save this vulnerable species. this special edition of
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